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The Christmas Tree Story

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The Christmas Tree Story is a familiar journey in preparing for the holidays. Through busy schedules, unbreakable traditions and caloric overload, there is something calming and comforting about the Christmas tree process. The time shared with each other etches itself in memories of music, smiles, snacks and more. From buying the tree to fully decorating it. It shapes one’s impression from season to season which quickly becomes a lifelong event worth celebrating. May your tree stand as high as the snow at the North Pole. May your ornaments shine as bright as the stars in the sky. May the magic of the holiday touch you gently as a reminder that you are loved.

Why I Wrote the Book

I decided to give up social media for 30 days as my new year’s resolution. The anxiety and stress from the pandemic, the divisive political election and the social/racial unrest. I needed a little media-free me time. I found my mind to be clear and found time to write this book. It was an awesome experience to document my memories and my thoughts into an outlet to share with the world. I have been rewarded beyond boundaries with conversation with my friends and family regarding their memories of their Christmas tree as I shared my story. I hope the message of love, family and tradition can be found when you read my words and can enjoy the inclusive imagery illustrated by Megan. It is going to make for a special holiday! Maybe even an instant classic?!

About the Author

Danny Mishek resides in Little Canada, MN (a suburb of St. Paul). He is married with four children and a curly dog - Darby. Danny enjoys golfing, gardening, beekeeping and red wine. While writing a book was never part of the plan, sharing stories and creating memories have always come naturally. From being a 3rd generation manufacturer to an author is quite the transformation for Mishek.

About the Illustrator

Megan is based in Oregon with her husband and cocker spaniel, Phoebe. She love the mountains, beach, and long road trips. Her other hobbies include nature photography, game nights with friends, and reading!